About us

Well, hello there! Welcome to our site. Here is a little to let you know what we are about.

Who am I? What?… You didn’t ask? Well, I am going to tell you anyway :).


I am Hickory the Doberman (I am also a doggy life coach and trainer with the daily dog). It is essential to know all this since I was the inspiration for the whole idea of barknswag.


Let me clarify; I have a lot of fun, all the time! Sometimes you would even think I invented the concept of fun. The world around me is always what I make of it, and nothing gets me down. All I need is food, water, the air around me, and long walks on the beach.

After months of large scale events changing the world around me, I didn’t change my mood. Why would I? I simply take each day as it comes and make the best out of every minute.

All of this got my mother thinking. Why aren’t we all like me? What can be done to become more like me? Well, then the pennies began to drop. Hoomans are being fed the wrong things, be it news or food, and clothing is as much about comfort these days as it is about style choices. At the same time, I am given love and affection with no expectations.

That is when Donna set out on a journey to provide nutrition for the heart and soul and a wrap to keep it all cozy and warm; with the mantra, positivity should be easily accessible for everyone.

At work or play, she enlisted friends and family to test the durability and fit of comfortable fashion. She worked closely with our in-house designer (more on him later :)) to create and find witty fun items we all use every day. All intended as an easy way to tap into a more inspirational way of life. If we all begin to treat ourselves and those around us to some unsolicited kindness, how much better would we all feel?

Forever on the lookout for items that have the right mix of styling, longevity, and comfort. At prices that suit many pockets (Don’t get us started about pockets!) Our goals are simple; FUN, COMFORT, TRUST, and POSITIVITY.

Every item we produce is tested tough and, where possible, designed, and decorated in-house by hand to meet your order as it is received.

We are always on the lookout for our next great adventure together! Please stay safe and enjoy; where we go from here is largely up to you.


Wags, Hickory,

(on behalf of the barknswag team!)


If your fun intake does not measure up, we can help you out. Follow us on facebook or instagram. We are always sharing fun places to visit, images, and posing fun challenges such as caption and hilarious pet photo contests.


The correct type of clothing for the right kind of mood! Are you stuck at home? It would help if you had some comfortable attire to keep you powering through the day. Video conferencing? No problem! Get smart!


We like honesty. Who doesn’t? We will always perform extensive testing on all our products before inviting them into our store. We would not sell anything we have not tested. Our closets are simply overflowing with the evidence. Needless to say that nothing goes to waste, and clothing banks are getting some very stylish donations.


Our mantra is WWHD (What Would Hickory Do?)

Our inspiration runs deep, and all we have to do is look at Hickory to refresh our understanding that life CAN be that simple if you work at it.

Essentially you just have to work like a dog :).